Everything we do is focused on the needs of our customers, wherever they are located and whatever their requirements might be:


We lead through trust. Delegating responsibility and decision-making defines our management style. Mistakes happen, and are permitted to happen.


We take responsibility for our actions and stand by our mistakes. A readiness to criticize ourselves is an expression of our confidence.


We pursue goals with determination and tenacity. For us, dedication and diligence have traditionally been major virtues.

Simplicity, Speed and Flexibility

We simplify our working processes and make decisions fast; we are open to new ideas and take a positive approach to necessary changes.


Success and satisfaction in the long term are more important to us than short-term profits. A word counts – now and in the future.


We encourage personal initiative and proactive contributions, and we back those who are bold.


We value different characters, encourage individuality and treat everyone with respect.


We are self-confident but we do not come across as arrogant. We never put ourselves center stage.

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